Hachira (Ninety Plus) | Ethiopia

Saturated with an enormously fruity flavor profile, Hachira is delightfully balanced and silky smooth.

Tasting notes: juicy, floral, elderberry, orange

Story from the farm: Inspired by the Ninety Plus Aricha selections developed with S.A. Bagersh from 2006-2008, Hachira coffees are juicy and floral, commonly with concentrated elderberry to blackberry fruit, sometimes with basil-like herbal notes. An ongoing improvement of infrastructure has allowed this season’s clarity to shine while adding a new vanilla component.

Most Yirgacheffe coffee is prepared by the conventional wet method, in which the skin and pulp are removed from the beans or seeds before they are dried, encouraging a cleanly high-toned, often intensely floral- and citrus-toned cup. This Yirgacheffe is a “natural” or dry-processed version, however, meaning the beans/seeds were dried inside the fruit, encouraging a deeper-toned profile, more pungent than bright, though still extravagant in its aromatics. This striking coffee was developed and brought into the U.S. by boutique exporter/importer Ninety Plus Coffee.

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