Lycello Blue (Ninety Plus) | Panama

This remarkable offering from Ninety Plus Estates is a true reflection of the lush environment it calls home. Delicate flavors dance with floral notes to produce a silky smooth cup.

Tasting Notes: lychee, floral, green tea

Story from the farm: Stanley Chien (a.k.a. Bruce Lee), a multi-year coffee champion of Taiwan, visited Ninety Plus Gesha Estates and tasted gesha coffee cherries for the first time. It reminded him the lychee fruit that grew in his backyard as a child. While considering the name of this coffee, the Ninety Plus team was listening to the talented cellist Yo Yo Ma. His precise and focused technique inspired Ninety Plus, and they decided to name the coffee by combining the notes of Lychee flavor with the name of Yo Yo Ma’s musical instrument. Lycello expands on the traditional washed Panama gesha coffee flavor, utilizing innovative processing techniques to enhance aromatic complexity and depth in mouthfeel to balance this elegant coffee’s sparkling, lemon "like" brightness.

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