About Us

Established in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014, Eccentricity Coffee Co. consciously roasts small batch, artisanal coffee that embellishes the farmer’s craftsmanship and highlights the coffee’s full potential. Eccentricity Coffee Co. considers it a duty to profile the coffee to bring out the best flavor notes and breathe personality into each batch. As a result, consumers can taste the actual fruit, berries, and other intricate flavors and relish in a multi-sensory, emotional, and connective experience.

Like its name suggests, Eccentricity Coffee Co. prides itself on breaking boundaries, deviating from circularity, and embracing quirkiness. Quality and taste hold the utmost importance, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Coffee isn’t merely a drink; it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. Coffee is saturated with inspiration and personality. It is an experience, not just a product.

Eccentricity Coffee Co. creates handcrafted coffee that fuels inspiration and connectivity, both locally and globally. Coffee is a ritual for many, and Eccentricity Coffee Co. strives to be the connection between the farmers and consumers who value the commodity for many different reasons. The coffee experience is threefold, and Eccentricity Coffee Co. focuses on educating its consumers about the synergistic process. Farmers harvest and process coffee cherries that become green coffee, roasters turn the green beans into brewable coffee, and consumers experience the end of the journey when they drink the finished product. Hands are the link in the chain of events: the beans are harvested by hand, roasted by hand, brewed by hand, and drank by hand. The coffee’s journey is a collaborative story, which requires all hands on board, and each chapter is equally important. By producing coffee with a story and specific personality profiles, Eccentricity Coffee Co. encourages its consumers to flaunt their individuality and find the coffee that speaks to them.

Eccentricity Coffee Co. is committed to using the finest quality beans and promoting business ethics that respect the earth, environment, and hard working farmers. Supporting small, global farms and showcasing the farmers’ growing talents take precedence. Eccentricity Coffee Co. is a family run business that shares many similarities with the farmers around the world who depend on crop sales to provide for their families. People matter, and the shared passion for producing and consuming better coffee makes the operation possible.

Eccentricity Coffee Co. functions on a three-tiered mission that strives to ensure equal benefits for everyone who contributes to our company’s story: the farmers, the roasters, and the consumers. Our three-tiered mission stands at the foundation of our business model and directs all of the choices we make.

Our Product Mission motivates us to roast the finest, handcrafted coffee. We believe coffee deserves the spotlight and we want to highlight its full potential. We promise to roast, distribute, and sell small batch, artisanal coffee that is produced from all natural, high quality beans, while ensuring we practice business ethics that respect the earth, environment, and everyone who is involved in our story.

Our Socioeconomic Mission solicits us to run our company with the goal of making the world a better place. We hold social consciousness as a priority over everything else. Supporting small, global farms and showcasing the farmers’ growing talents are our main concerns. People matter, and the shared passion for producing and consuming better coffee makes our operation possible.

Our Education Mission encourages us to be truthful and transparent regarding how we do business. We focus on educating our consumers about the synergistic process that occurs in the coffee’s collaborative journey. We know it is our duty to share every step of the operation, and we want to teach everyone what it takes to turn a small cherry into a steamy cup of delicious coffee— no secrets attached.

Similarly to the three-tiered mission, Eccentricity Coffee Co. conducts business based on three platforms.

Ingredient and Purchasing Rituals
We buy all of our coffee through Fair Trade or Direct Trade sourcing companies. Our producers are devoted to ensuring that all famers are treated fairly, paid fair wages, and recognized for their gift. The skilled farmers are masters of the coffee growing craft and follow traditional practices. All of our green coffee is purchased directly from farms around the world that focus on the best agricultural processes, which cultivate the highest quality beans and tasting profiles. Our main suppliers are Bodi Leaf Coffee Traders, a Fair Trade organization, Level Up Coffee, and Ninety Plus Coffee, which are both Direct Trade organizations. We source our coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Kenya, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia, El Salvador, Columbia, Panama, and Mexico.

Production Rituals
We keep our coffee in grain bro bags, which allows us to control the environmental conditions of our product. We ensure our coffee remains fresh from the minute it is shipped to us as green beans until it reaches our consumers’ hands. As a small company, we work hard to maximize our supplies. We recycle when possible and keep waste to a minimum.

Community Rituals
Education is everything to us. We pride ourselves on educating people in Northeast Ohio and the rest of the world about coffee. Sharing the coffee’s story is our priority. We love letting people in our community know how much they are helping the global community by supporting sustainable farming practices and small businesses.